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Friday, December 24, 2010

Education Week Teacher: Teacher Effectiveness: More Than a Number

Education Week Teacher: Teacher Effectiveness: More Than a Number:

Cindi Rigsbee has written an excellent article about teacher effectiveness and how it should be more than just a test score.

I especially like her comment of:
"Let me begin by saying that although I understand this movement, I would like to share the joy and see it spread to other professions. I can’t say that recently I’ve heard anyone muse over the 'effective doctor' or 'effective lawyer' or 'effective plumber.' Yet again, teachers are swimming for their lives down in the petri dishes of society with all the world peering into microscopes at our work."

Wouldn't that be nice?! To see doctors and lawyers evaluated by a score based on how well their clients do on a test?

She writes about 4 things an effective teacher embodies: an effective teacher is committed, effective teachers make relationships a priority, effective teachers demonstrate their passion for learning and effective teachers are always reinventing themselves.

The article brings up a lot of good points and is a quick read. Maybe all those people who think teachers should be evaluated by a number on a test should read this article?