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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 - A Scientific Calculator

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 - A Scientific Calculator

OK, this is just a “pass it along” post.  I just read a blog from Mr. Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers about a free calculator program offered by Microsoft.  I downloaded and installed the 64bit version and fired it up and…..


This thing is amazing!  It does 2D and 3D graphing, derivatives and integrals, matrices and vectors, unit conversion, triangle solver and it even recognizes handwriting! Oh and it can add and subtract too!

What is really awesome about this program is its ability to show solution steps… yes I said it, solutions to problems are given!  I tried to solve basic algebra equations, derivatives, integrals and even using my own variables… all the solutions were correct and shown in an easy step by step manner.

image name

Click on the pic to the left to see a screen shot of a solution to a basic algebra equation.

This would be extremely helpful for those students who need some extra help in learning how to solve equations.   This program even has an equation solver with equations form Physics, Chemistry, Exponents, Geometry and others!!  You just choose an equation, substitute in the known values and click solve!!

As Mr. Byrne stated, if you are 1:1 and don’t have the funds for TI-83’s or TI-84’s, this little program can easily replace them for……… FREE!

So go get Microsoft Mathematics 4.o – A Scientific Calculator, install and be amazed!!!

NOTE:  There is a math plugin for Word and ONE Note, though not as cool as MM4, it is very useful.  Here is the link:

Microsoft Mathematics Add-In for Word and OneNote