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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A replacement for My Webspiration

In my last post I discussed how My Webspiration will no longer be free in April.  I also discussed how Google Docs Drawing no has connectors so it can be used to create concept maps.  Well, a few days ago I was searching through Google’s Chrome Web Store and ran across Lovely Charts.  If you are a Google Chrome user, you can install a free version of this very powerful diagramming application.image

To use the free version you have to be using Google’s Chrome Web browser (here is the link to download Chrome). After you have Chrome installed, go get Lovely Charts here from the Web Store.

The free version does have a few limitations.  For instance you can only save one editable diagram at a time and can only collaborate on one diagram at a time (I have not tried this feature yet….)  Straight from Lovely Charts here is what they say about the free version:

Please note that Lovely Charts free version only allows you to maintain one editable chart of your own and collaborate on one chart at the time.
You certainly CAN create this new diagram, and you WILL be able to export it if needed, but you WON'T be able to save it for later revision, unless you delete the already existing diagram or decide to upgrade your account.
A premium account is exceptionally available from as little as €29/year for now, would you like to upgrade now?

I have “played” with it for awhile now and it is very user friendly.  It has a lot of stock symbols and shapes.  You can also import your own!  So give it a try, it might be just what you need!