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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two sites you might like

I have not written for awhile…. I have been a little busy!
I did however run across 2 sites that you might find interesting.  One is a file conversion site and the other, well, I can only say is interesting.
Most of you are probably familiar with ZamZar and how wonderfully easy it is to convert just about any file type to any file type.  However, at my school the site is blocked.  I was however able to get to DocsPal (at least on the day I tried it Smile)  It is just as easy and wonderful to use as ZamZar.  Using DocsPal you can either upload a file or enter a URL for it.  Select what file type you want to convert it to and click convert.  You can have a download link sent to your email or wait for the conversion to be done online.  File conversion sites are extremely useful especially when it comes to video.  Digital cameras may record in an MOV format and you need it to be in WMV to use in Windows Movie Maker.  Using DocsPal the conversion is simple.
The other site is called CodeOrgan.  To really understand this site, you just have to go out and try it!  What it does is takes a URL, analyzes it and creates music based on the text it finds on the page.  Some URLs sound very happy, others sound downright scary!!  I can see this site being used by a computer science class or digital media class as they explore ways to make different sounding websites!  I am not sure exactly what other educational uses there are for the site, but I am sure someone will be able to come up with something!
(UPDATE: It appears CodeOrgan is no more.  If you find it, please let me know!)