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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Combining PDFs....for free!

Recently I had to combine several PDFs into one.  At school I have the full version of Adobe and boy it is real easy to use it!  However, I am not as school and I do not have the full version of Adobe.  So.....

logoA quick Google search gave me a large number of sites that could combine PDFs for me.  I found FoxyUtils.com  and gave it a shot.

I uploaded 3 PDFs, clicked on "Merge PDF" and very quickly was presented with a download link to my newly combined PDF!  Awesome!  One word of caution, before clicking "Merge PDF" make sure you have your files in the order you want!!  You can easily use the up and down arrows provided to rearrange your files to your hearts content!

Painless, smooth, easy and ......FREE!