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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A nice file converting site

Convert Files - free online file converter

I am always in the need to convert one file type to another.  Wether it be an MP3 to M4A or AVI to MPEG  or JPEG to GIF.....  I recently had an issue with an XPS document.  This is microsoft's version of Adobe's PDF.  XPS stands for "Open XML Paper Specification". Windows Vista and 7 both have the ability to "print" XPS files.  You just choose "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" from the list of printers and away you go!

I needed a PDF version of a document on a webpage.  So, I decided to play with the XPS Document writer. (Yes, I know, I could have copied and pasted into Word or Google Docs then created a PDF from that, but hey, it was time to learn something new!!!)  I printed the page to the XPS printer, saved it and then went to Zamar, my trusty converting page.  But wouldn't you know it.... Zamzar can't convertXPS files!!  Oh nooooo!  Not to worry, a quick search and I found Convert.Files .  They can convert everything Zamzar can  but also XPS files!!  Whooo Hooo!  Upload my file, choose PDF as the output, and presto! All done!