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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Evaluate Traditions While Leading Change - Leadership 360 - Education Week

Evaluate Traditions While Leading Change - Leadership 360 - Education Week
"Our most important job right now is to manage the raising of standards and educational rigor while protecting the space and attention given to the social emotional aspects of learning.  While we still face the challenges of teaching children in poverty, or with learning or language difficulties, we cannot be resisters of change.  We need to lead change. "

This is a very interesting article.  The authors make the point that education leaders need to be aware of
"traditions" but to be proactive and not afraid to create new ones.  When I was in high school, I was fortunate enough to have a Commodore 64 computer but my mom still typed my papers on a manual typewritter.  Today, I can use my smartphone and dictate to Google Docs tor create my lesson plans.... Times have changed.....

It is up to us, the educational leaders  to see how using educational technology can influence new traditions.  I have been steadily moving to a paperless classroom the last couple of years with Google Apps for Education as the main technology.  I feel I have one more year and I will not need to use any printed material.  I believe this is a move to a new tradition that is aligned with how our students operate now.

Traditions are great, it is what makes our society who we are, but we need to be careful to not lot outdated traditions define us.  Times have changed......

How do you see educational technology being used to create new traditions?