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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lucidpress - a Microsoft Publisher replacement?

I have been meaning to post about Lucidpress for some time now because it is amazing.  I am a huge fan of Google Drive and everything it offers.  I have not opened up Microsoft Office on my home computer for about 8 months now!  Everything is done with GDrive.  However, when I talk to teachers about it, many ask  does it have an app like Microsoft Publisher?  And I have to say: no.

BUT wait!!  Someone has come to the rescue!!  Lucid Software may have saved the day!!  They have created an amazing  Online Print & Digital Publishing Software app that will give Publisher a run for its money. (Quite easily I might add since Lucidpress is FREE!)

It is super easy to use, very intuitive and very powerful!! Click the link below to see an example that I did in less than five minutes ( try clicking on the pancakes in the upper right)

Lucidpress Test Flyer

So, why all the talk about GDrive and Google apps if Lucidpress is not part of Google?  Well, Google has done amazing things that allow other developers to work with GDrive.  So, you can connect Lucidpress to your GDrive!  This way all your work is in one place! (Note: to connect apps go to the Chrome Webstore or watch this video: Google Drive - Connect more apps )

Try it out and let me know what you think!!!

PS: Here is another post about Lucidpress from Mr. Bass and you might as well checkout Lucidchart also!